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lets get a little mud on the tires [13 Sep 2006|09:47pm]
So, today Denise and I were in charge of feeding pastures.
Denise insisted we take take the mule (a glorified golf cart for those who don't know what it is.)
I did tell her several times that I didnt think it was a good idea.
Please keep in mind that it rained all day today and it gets quite muddy in Morrisville.
Anyways we go to feed the mares and foals in the pasture on the upper hill.
We almost get stuck on our way to where we needed to put the grain.
So we fed and get back in and thing that everything is peachy.  
I told Denise to not go through the mud again because I didnt want to get stuck.
So we drive over what looks like semi-dry soild ground.
And the damn mule sinks.  Literally sinks. It was up to its axles in mud. 
So we try everything we can think of to get it out and decided we were not going to get it out ourselves.
We call Alyssa and tell her to bring the truck (the big ford F-250 with 4 wheel drive) to come pull us out.  And also to tell no one what she was doing so we wouldnt get in trouble.
She comes and drives the truck almost to where the mule was and the truck sinks about 2 feet in mud.  Uh oh.
So we call Jen and tell her to bring the tractor to pull us out.  We also tell her to tell no one.
So she gets the tractor and Jerry (one of the barn workers) won't let her bring the tractor up by herself.
Jerry and Jen arrive.  Jerry looks annoyed and Jen laughs hysterically at the situation.
Jerry hooks up the truck and pulls it out in about 2 minutes and then we hook up the mule and that gets pulled out in another 2 minutes.
All is now well and we continue on out merry way feeding the other 2 pastures.
All in all this entire process took us about 2 hours when it should have taken 30 minutes tops.
And it has become one of the most hysterical moments of my Morrisville career. 

And just in case you didn't believe this story I have provided photosCollapse )
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[13 Aug 2006|04:05pm]
I got back last night from my trip to Iowa.  It was well worth the trip.  I will be interning at Reisinger Paint Horses, one of if not the most well known and respected paint horse breeders in the US.  There are beautiful paint babies EVERYWHERE.  The farm is beautiful, the people were all very nice, and I won't have to clean stalls! What more could I ask for?




What my life will consist of come January.
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[02 Aug 2006|12:54am]

Upon a very indepth converstation with Jeanine I have come to the conclusion that I have 2 possible life options....

Option A: 
-go on my internship
-go back to where ever I intern and work
-fall madly in love with a farmer type boy
-work with ponies
-show those ponies a lot and win a lot of world show trophies
-live happily ever after

Option B:
-go on my internship
-run away to a foreign country (probably costa rica)
-fall madly in love with a foregin boy (probably costarican)
-open a wierd horsedrawn buggy type operation with jeanine in some cool city
-live happily ever after

so what do i do? either one could work out splendidly...i guess we will find out a little less from a year from now where i am in life and what option i choose to follow...who knows...what i do know is that i am the type of person to end up following one option and deciding midstream that i want the other...

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[30 Jun 2006|12:35am]
I just finished watching the final episodes of Sex and the City.
Is it pathetic that I wish there were more episodes for me to watch?
I love that show...
and if you couldnt tell I need a life...or at least a better excuse for one than the one I am currently living
Thats all, have a lovely evening.
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[24 Jun 2006|12:42am]

The Mormons bought the house across the street...
And then they burnt it to the ground...
I can't help but wonder if the same fate is someday in store for our house...

goodbye neighbor's houseCollapse )

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THE GREATEST WEEK OF MY LIFE [20 Jun 2006|11:09pm]

So here are my chronicles a week in the making, prepare yourself its long but amazing...

Day 1... Monday 6/5/06:

Today was spent procrastinating, packing, and washing clothes.  While taking the last load out of the washer I found my cell phone at the bottom it, oh shit that wasn't good.  So Dad and I go to Verizon and must pay full price for a new phone because of course I didnt have insurance on the stupid thing.  Jen arrived in Shortsville around 2:30ish and we waited for Josh while I finished packing, ate lunch, got in the car and went to victor for some last minute shopping and were then on the road to Pittsburgh, PA to start the trip.  We got to Kate's in PA at like 10 or 11 or something who knows, but Jen and I slept very cozily in Kate's bed. 

Day 2 ... Tuesday 6/6/06:

We got up at like 5:30am and went to the Pittsburgh International Airport.  We checked in, ate breakfast with Kate and then went and sat by our gate, our plan was delayed like 45 mins so obviously I was bored out of my mind.  We get on the plane (one of those small commuter ones I hate) and fly to La Guardia in NYC (which by the way is the most ghetto airport I have ever been in) and sit there for awhile, and then get on a plane to Miami, sit there for awhile and then finally get on a plane to San Jose, Costa Rica.  This may seem like a quick process but no. It took about 12 hours 2 of which I had to relive because of the time change.  Anyways we went and rented a car, well Josh rented a car, and then waited for Oscar.  He found us, we went and got the car and were on our way to San Ramon.  We got there around 10 I think, said the hellos and such, and talked with Gaby and her mom.   Then Jen and I went out with Luis and Erick to a bar where we drank some beer and smoked some cigarettes and came home and went to bed. 

Day 3 ... Wednesday 6/7/06:

Today we slept kind of late, got up, and hung around the house for awhile.  Luis came home and we went to lunch with some girl that I guess was his girlfriend (he broke up with her later that day.)   We went to Burger King of all places. Then Josh came over and we went exploring in San Ramon.  Luis took us to a forest that is part of the university in San Ramon it was pretty cool, there were a bunch of wild monkeys in the trees, that isn't something you see every day in NY.  We ran into Gaby and went with her to a restaurant/bar near the college and had something to drink.  We stayed there for like an hour maybe 2, I dont really know.  This bar we went to was right down the street from Steven's house so I made Josh stop and Jen knocked on the door, some kid answered the door but him mom was there and then we saw Steven walking down the street so that was perfect timing.  We sat at his house for awhile, Jose came, we went to Jose's house, went to Gaby's house, then back to Steven's, then we went to dinner, then Jen and I went home.

Day 4 ... Thursday 6/8/06:

We got up at like 8 or some early hour and went to the volcano Poas it was surprisingly clear and we actually got to see the whole thing.  The last time I went there it was very cloudy and rainy so I didn't get to see anything.  But this time it was nice until we right when we were about to leave and the clouds set in.  It was so weird for it to be like I dont know 65 degrees or something not cold and seeing people wearing winter gloves and hats.  After Poas we went to Grecia and went to the bank and ate lunch.  After lunch we headed back to San Ramon.  We went to Las Musas this pool and waterfall about 6km outside San Ramon or something.  It was pretty but kind of cold to go swimming or anything. Then we dropped Steven off and went to Gaby's house.  I took a nap while Jen read her book and Josh hung around.  Then Erick stopped by and we chatted it up for a bit.  Then Luis came home and with a little prodding he and I hijacked the car and took it for a drive "around the block."  Now, in all honesty if you consider around the block around the entire city plus some and taking up an hour and 1/2 then thats what we did.  Needless to say Josh was pissed when we got back but, oh well it was fun.  So we hung out some more because we obviously don't do that enough.  At around 7 or something we walked to the supermarket and bought some snack food items.  As soon as we left the supermarket it started to down pour like crazy but being the idiots we are we walked back to Gaby's house.  By the time we got there there was no point in even trying to use my umbrella anymore because I was soaked, my sneakers were wet for like three days after that. Conveniently it stopped raining about 5 minutes after we got back.  So, after drying off Josh, Jen, Luis, and I hit the town.  We went for dinner and then to the same bar we went to on Tuesday.  There were these kids practically having sex in the corner.  It made me want to puke and then maybe drink some more.  After the bar we went home and went to bed.

Day 5 ... Friday 6/9/06:

Today was a very important day.  Costa Rica played Germany in the world cup.  It was pretty much a national holiday and even though they lost everyone seemed to have a good time.  So we watched the game at Gaby's house and after words got packed and left for the beach.  Before we actually got on the road we stopped at Oscar's to use his internet and at the bank.  And then we hit the road, so by the time we left it was like 1:30/2ish.  We then drove to Puntarenas and waited for like an hour or something and then took a ferry for like 1.5ish hours across the Gulf of Nicoya.  So its now like 6pm and getting dark and oh by the way its raining. The roads were quite potholey and we were driving like 20mph.  After about an hour of that nonsense Jen got pissed and her and Josh were yelling and then for some reason I got involved (I dont really know why but it seemed like a good idea at the time) so its like 7:30ish now and Josh is throwing a hissy fit in the car and Jen is throwing a hissy fit while standing in the middle of the road, Luis is taking a piss on the side of the road and then trying to get everyone in the car so we can just get to the hotel, and I am also standing in the road smoking a cigarette and just making things generally more difficult than they have to be.  Now that I think about it the whole situation was quite comical.  Anyways I digress, so we get back on the road and after all of that Josh continues to drive and we finally get to the hotel at um I dont know 9pm or something.  This was after we stopped and bought 2 very large bottles of alcohol, some beer, some soda, and some cigarettes all for about $22, it was a steal.  So the hotel was amazing Jen and I were in awe, it was totally like the tropical paradise of my dreams.  But anyways the night continues we get unpacked.  We smoke some pot using an empty beer can as some sort of pipe type contraption, Luis falls asleep, Josh gets a contact high, Jen and I stay up for a little while and then we pass out too. Oh my god how could I almost forget this story!? Well, we had some of the shutters of the cabana opened, specifically the ones near Josh's bed, and at like 1am or some early hour of the morning there was this person walking around outside the cabana of course I was laying in my bed thinking "omg what am I going to do about this? I am stoned out of my mind.  We are going to get robbed, murdered, or raped, or something and I am not going to be able to move."  Then I hear "have you seen my sister" in a very heavy latin accent and Josh is like "Luis! Luis! What the fuck are you doing, quit screwing around" (Luis is still sound asleep) and then according to Josh a hand came in the open shutter and tapped him on the shoulder and asked him again if he had seen the sister.  Obviously Josh said no and the scary mystery man went away.  But jesus christ I was freaked out.  But as I write about it I can't stop laughing because I think its so funny

Day 6 ... Saturday 6/10/06:

This morning I was woken up at like 5:30 by Luis for some ungodly reason.  Thank god Josh made him go back to sleep.  I went back to bed and slept until like 10 or so.  Jen was gone, she went exploring.  So after Jen came back we ate breakfast at the hotel.  And then ventured down to the beach.  Jen and I went in the water and then settled down for some sunbathing not anywhere near the water.  No longer than five minutes later this wave rushes in and washes over everything.  My first instinct was obviously "oh shit, grab your purse and the camera."  I was laying on my towel at this point so i jump up with the purse (which had my mother's ipod in it and i was told several times to not let anything happen to it) and my camera thinking everything is now safe.  Well, I turn around to look at my towel and scope out the damage when I see my flip-flops being carried out to sea by the same wave.  So there I go running down the beach to save them, luckily I got there in time.  So I return to the mess and everything is covered, I mean covered in sand.  I think there is still sand in my purse.  At this point Jen and I are laughing hysterically and Josh and Luis come from where they were sitting in the shade to make sure everything is all right.  So, Jen and I move camp back about 20 feet and we get all situated and sit there for about 20 minutes until the water gets dangerously close again.  Being the smart people that we are Jen decided that we should move to where everyone else was sitting.  There were lawn chairs set out and considering we had had enough of the sand we paid to use them.  Jen and I both fell asleep in the lawn chair and in doing so I received one of the worst sunburns I had ever had in my life.  The funny part about that is Jen actually used sunscreen and she was more burnt than me.  After we wake up and decide we have had enough of the beach we went back to the hotel, showered, and used the pool there for awhile.  That got boring so Jen went for a walk, Josh took a nap, and Luis and I drove to Cobano, a town like 10kms away.  While there we got some ice cream and Luis conveniently ran into Ivannia (the love of his life apparently who is also the sister of the best friend of the girl that he just broke up with three days before.)  And you wonder why I think boys are dumb? So we get back to the hotel and Jen came back from her walk like 20mins later so we went swimming again to cool the burn.  Then we went out to eat at this restaurant that didnt even have a menu but it was still good.  Then we went back to the hotel and we all got drunk.  And then we all passed out.

Day 7 ... 6/11/06:

Surprisingly, this morning I wasn't hung over.  Jen and I woke up and went swimming again because I was on fire.  Seriously I was like fire engine red that is how burnt I was.  So we did that until like 9:30 and then checked out of the hotel, stopped at the grocery store, and left Malpais.  We stopped in Cobano and ate, used the phone, tried to use the ATM, and then hit the road again with me behind the wheel.  We got to the ferry just as it was getting ready to leave and I made Jen drive the car on because it scared me.  The ferry was crowded and hotter then hell, especially when you are so sun burnt.  But, anyways we got back to Puntarenas and I drove the rest of the way back to San Ramon.  We got back to San Ramon and unloaded our stuff from the car.  Then we went and used the internet where I made Luis a myspace, which I am happy to report he has actually used since I left.  Then we went back to Gaby's house where I passed out and that was about it for the day. 

Day 8 ... 6/12/06:

Jen and I woke up pretty early like around 8 I think and said goodbye to Luis who was on his way to school.  We showered (this is the point in which I discovered that I had several blisters from getting so sun burnt) and packed and hung around the house.  Then we said goodbye to Gaby who was also on her way to school.  Josh came and picked us up at about 10:30 and we left for San Jose.  I was a little upset that we didn't get to say goodbye to Gaby's mom because yet again she was nice enough to let us stay there and I should have at least thanked her again before I left, but she had already left for work.  So anyways we drive to San Jose, and the map I was using to navigate was not very good but surprisingly after going around about 4 traffic circles we made it safe and sound to the mall.  When we got to the mall it was about noon so we ate lunch and then did some shopping.  I called Arturo at 1 like he told me to and he met us at the mall at like 1:30.  He ate lunch and then we went back to his house for a little bit.  And then took him to work.  Then the three of us, Josh, Jen, and myself went back to the mall.  And waited for Julian, while waiting we got ice cream.  So, Julian met us at the mall then we took a bus to the center of San Jose, and went shopping at the souvenir market thingy that was outside the National Museum that we went to on the first trip.  While I was there I bought stuff for my family and Jen did the same.  We went back to the center of San Jose and took another bus back to the mall where we left the car.  On the bus there was this crazy old man singing about monkeys or something.  I was surprised at how many people gave him change when he was finished because in the US no one cares and they just ignore the person.  After we get off the bus I see this sign for a tattoo/piercing place and I decide that it is a good idea to get my nose pierced.  The place I first saw looked a little sketchy so Julian took me to the place in the mall which was very nice.  While I was waiting to get my nose done Jen decided to get a tattoo.  Talk about awesome things to bring back...a hole in my nose and some permanent ink on her shoulder...it was amazing.  After the body art session we went to like the 7th floor of the mall which is also an office building and saw some nice views of San Jose, it would have been better if it was not almost dark and raining but oh well.  Then we get in the car and attempt to find Arturo's house on our own.  We almost got there but then none of us could remember the last turn, all we knew was that it was a left past the university's recreation center and before the grocery store.  So in order to find it we took every left between those two places.  But do you think we found it? NO. An hour and a half later Julian finally calls Arturo and gets directions.  As it turns out we were on the right street about 4 times but never went far enough.  Doesn't that just figure.  So we get to the house and Arturo's roommate, Alonso was there painting, he is an art student I guess.  So yeah we decide that we are going to make dinner because we didnt feel like going out and all the 2 boys had were some Ramen, some eggs, and I think I saw some cereal.  So the 3 Americans plus Julian go to the Mas X Menos and buy food.  We get back rather easily since we remembered where we were going this time.  So Jen and I, the Susie homemakers that we are (Josh helped too) cooked some marinated chicken, some corn, and some parmeasean noodle things that were in a packet and all we had to do was add water.  Anyways it was good.  We ate; Josh and Julian went to return the rental car and Jen and I stayed with Alonso and hung out.  He was very nice, he tried his best to entertain us, and gave us some of his artwork.  Anyways moving on, Arturo came home at like um 11/11:30ish and we hung out for a little bit and chatted it up.  Then we went and bought some stuff.  "And what we bought is called pot - mota in spanish" according to Arturo himself.  Then we went to a bar called Terra U and drank a pitcher of beer.  After the beer we went to back to Arturo's and well ya know smoked some pot.  At this point it was like 2am.  We listened to some music, smoked some more pot and then sadly, at 4am Arturo called us a cab and as they say all good things must come to an end and we had to go to the airport to go home.

Day 9 ... 6/13/06:

Really this is just a continuation of the previous day since no sleeping was done, but oh well.  So we left Arturo's at 4am and this crazy taxi driver took us to the airport.  Josh told us to be there by 5 and we were there at 4:45am so we went in and sat by the american airlines ticket counters and waited for Josh. And then we waited some more, so by this time its 5:30 and the line is growing longer so we just get in line and check in. Maybe this would be a good time to mention that I am still stoned and continued to be for most of the morning.  So we get our tickets and then wait for Josh some more until 6am.  Our plane left at 7:15 so by 6:15 we just went in because we still needed to get through security.  So get to our gate and wait for Josh some more. Finally like 10 minutes before our plane left he comes, apparently he was waiting for us outside, he even called Arturo to see where we were.  Obviously Arturo didn't answer his phone, I am sure he was sleeping in a dead to the world state considering he just spent the entire night smoking pot with us and he said he wasnt going to class the next day so that pretty much convinces me he was sleeping.  Why Josh didn't come into the ticket counter area I have no idea.  But we get on the plane I don't even remember taking off I fell asleep and slept pretty much the whole way to miami.  We get to Miami, go through immigration, Jen gets the 3rd degree, but we pass, get to our next plane, I think there was eating involved somewhere in there, get on the next plane and the plane leaves the gate.  Then we hear "attention ladies and gentlemen there is a problem at La Guardia and we will be sitting here for an hour."  Well, now thats just peachy considering our layover at La Guardia was only 45mins.  Finally we take off and get to La Guardia, and run to the next gate.  Of course we have to go through security again because they dont have central security there because as I said before its ghetto.  And there were these people taking their sweet ass time and then they got bitchy when I tried to go around them.  Anyways we made it to our gate and on the plane (just as they were closing the doors) and thankfully so did our luggage.  We get back to Pittsburgh, Kate meets us there, we go to dinner, then decide we want to drive home, so we do. I drive from Erie, PA to Shortsville.  I can't believe I made it I was so tired but I just wanted to keep going and get there.  So Josh and I got home at 3am and Jen still had to drive another 2 hours so she got home at like 5am...and that's that.

In Summary:

I had an amazing time, I am so glad Jen came, I love everyone there so much, I will not be waiting another 4 years before I go back, I have been toying with the idea of studying abroad but I dont know how that would work since this Equine Breeding major isnt really meant for doing things like that.  Maybe I should have made some different choices since I did toy with the idea of going to school for international something or other but its kind of too late now I guess whatever I do will have to wait until graduation from Morrisville.  Oh well I can dream...

ps: the coresponding pictures can be found here http://community.webshots.com/user/cakan23
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[18 May 2006|10:48pm]

I am home for what I pray is the LAST summer in Shortsville. 
Not even that I'm kind of hoping it will be my last summer in New York period.
I got a job...at the mall of all places...oh well its money and dont care since I was on the verge of selling my soul or harvesting my eggs, which ever paid more.
I will be showing poines...yey that makes me happy, very happy.
In less 3 weeks I will be in COSTA RICA!!!!!!
That little tid bit of information has been pretty much the only thing getting me through that last god knows how long.
And it makes me oh so happy.

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[25 Apr 2006|06:15pm]
so its official...
i dont care anymore. 2.5 weeks left in the semester and i dont care. i dont want to be here. i dont want to be home. i dont know what i want or what to do. i just dont care.
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i just dont know... [13 Apr 2006|10:13pm]
...about anything anymore.

in the last week i have been dragged down the asile, gotten a chunk taken out of my arm by conway, trampled by movie, and rolled my ankle in the paddock while doing turn out. so needless to say this hasnt really been the greatest week ever. Combine that with not having any money, not having very much luck in finding a summer job, the stress of all the end of the semester stuff i have put off until the last minute, the fact that i over analyize things until i drive myself insane, the minor issue that i cant remember the last time i slept all the way through the night and probably wont for at least the next week until i am done being barn manager, and some other various stuff that i am not going to address here...sometimes just makes me want to run away and join the circus or something of the sort.

i dont know but i'm sure everything i am stressing over will sort itself out in the way that it should because things have a funny way of working out like that...i still cant stop worrying though...i guess its just the way i am...and that is quite bothersome...
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[26 Mar 2006|06:44pm]
Alyssa emailed this to me and since I have nothing better to do I filled it out.
boredom results in this Collapse )
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[25 Mar 2006|10:17pm]
Yesterday I went home. While I was there I went to the Red Jacket High School production of Beauty and the Beast. Surprisingly, it wasn't bad. Actually it was probably one of the best musicals that RJ has ever done. It was weird to be there, other than one of Colleen's band concerts it was the first time I had set foot in the auditorium since graduation. Also, it was weird to not know everyone on stage and their life stories but considering I haven't been at that school for 3 years that is to be expected, the only kids I knew were the seniors, so yeah. And, it was weird to be sitting in the auditorium watching the performance since when I was there I was always in the pit. I remember going to see the musicals when I was younger and thinking how the kids all seemed so much older than me but it was the exact opposite, they all seemed so young, but again I guess you will have that with the whole growing up thing.

After the musical Pat, EJ, and I went to Applebees with Jordynn Eddinger and Patty D'Arduini that was odd considering I never hung out with them in high school. I think I have changed a lot since then and I am sure they have too but I saw them as the same people they were and I am sure that is how they saw me. After that Pat, EJ, and I went to a party on East Lake Road where we lasted for all of 10 minutes at the most. The entire house with filled with complete assholes, people that I would never associate myself with ever. Chances are that my IQ was higher than all of theirs combined. After that fiasco we drove around for awhile and then went our separate ways.

At 5:30 I drove back to Morrisville, the traffic was ridiculous. When I went to get off the the Thruway and get my money out I realized that my wallet was not in my purse like it should have been. Its a good thing Dad gave me some money before I left or else I would have been fucked. It really frustrates me that I have no idea where the stupid thing went added to the fact that the last time I remember seeing it was when I was putting it back in my purse. So I called EJ and asked him to look in his car but he was driving and whoever was in the passenger seat didn't see. I hope that once he gets a chance to look under his seats and stuff that it will be there. Oh god I hope so. It was such a hassle trying to get all my credit cards canceled and then reactivated again when my purse got stolen, I really don't want to have to do that again, at least not so soon since that whole fiasco happened at Thanksgiving time. But, anyways I will think positive thought and pray that it shows up.

I am now at foal watch, again, but it is the last one I am getting paid for so I will make the most of it. There was a second year signed up to be here but shes not so I am alone. The barn duty people left me a list of things to do and I will do most of them but some of them I can't do by myself so I guess they will just have to do that in the morning. I will do my best turning horses out in the morning but if it gets to be 7am and all I have out is the preggies than that is all that is going to go out. They have 4 or 5 people compared to my 1 so I don't really care.
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[16 Mar 2006|10:03pm]
its is 9:43 pm eastern standard time here in morrisville
i am at the barn foal watching.
tomorrow is the friday before spring (also st. patrick's day in case you were wondering)
i got out of barn duty over break in exchange for doing foal watch almost everyday...
that won't be too bad because there will be no stall cleaning and i can sleep all day. both of those things make me happy.
everything is swell, or at least as swell as it ever is
the barn is ok...sometimes it makes me want to shoot myself in the eye...but not much as it used to.
however, i still cannot wait to get out of this god forsaken town, it reminds me of shortsville more and more everyday. yuck.
Jeanine is visiting me!!!
we are going to a very exclusive party that unfortunately you are not invited to
yeah you should be jealous
anywhoo i dont really know
i need to figure out what i am doing this summer. i would appreciate suggestions. thanks in advance.
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[08 Feb 2006|08:02am]
so its about 8 am and i really want to go home and go back to bed.
however my conscience is keeping me here for class
why? god only knows
i guess i might as well stay
I've practically been up since 7 am yesterday so honestly at this point what is another hour???
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[07 Feb 2006|06:25pm]
I'm at the barn for foal watch...there is a chance we might have a baby
God i hope so since its not even 7 and i am bored out of my mind
i stole this from jeanine Collapse )
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[17 Jan 2006|09:30pm]
so here's the thing. i am in a winter schlump. i think i could possibly be the biggest loser walking the face of the earth. i need some sort of life...its like i try and then where does it get me? nowhere. back in the same schlump. blah...sometimes i just want to be someone else. i just want to be some indifferent person who doesnt care what anyone else thinks. jesus christ why do i care what people think...god i need a life end of story...and now i will attempt to stop feeling sorry for myself.
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[09 Jan 2006|02:56pm]
so my stolen wallet was found
according to the oneida city police some guy walking his dog found it in the bushes on cedar street.
the only things missing out of it were my liscence and the money that was in it.
it wasn't with the purse but oh well at least i got the cute wallet back.

my back and stomach really hurt.
i think i have been sleeping wrong or something.
but i just bought a new mattress.
so who knows what my spine's problem is.
my stomach on the other hand feels that doing back flips is fun.
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[30 Dec 2005|09:32pm]
Jon came and fixed the internet for me.
I couldn't be happier about that.
Then Alyssa, Jon, Ashley, and I went to taco bell.
Then we went and saw The Family Stone.
There were some old people sitting behind me and Ashley.
They were really, really annoying with all there talking and lip smacking.
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[22 Dec 2005|04:18pm]
i am at the barn right now
i had barn duty today
we had a pizza party with scotty and mikey today for lunch
the internet at the apartment is fucked up
i hope that gets fixed soon
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[13 Dec 2005|12:39pm]
well the semester is officially over.
i am going home for a few days this afternoon
erin said i could do extra days at the barn
i think i will start that next week since i really could use the money
i would still like to find another job that i can continue doing next semester
but well see how that goes
tata for now
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[08 Dec 2005|04:29pm]
the way that some people talk like they know everything really bothers me.
but i think i will just sit here and keep my mouth shut about it.
i love how at the end of the semester everyone acts like they are on crack.
so according to denise tractor supply is now hiring.
i think i will apply for a job there. i think i would fit right in.
we started collecting the stallions the other day.
so far all i have done is wash. i want to collect. or handle. really i dont care.
i am so tired right now.
and i am just writing this for something to do. since there is nothing to so at the barn.
it seems like there is some need to constantly be yelling around here.
apparently acting like a know it all, stating the obvious (for example. walking into a crowded classroom and saying "wow there is a lot of people in here"), and yelling are the requirements to hang out in the breeding barn classroom.
all i want to do i go to sleep. and my head continues to pound.
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